Monday, June 30, 2008


Some other and different designs of the 2 inmates.
This is closer to the line quality Im hoping to acheive, and the older inmate on the right seems the most....asymmetrical, as you say, of the bunch

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John said...

As to your comment about line quality, this is fantastic stuff. I'd say you've got equal quality in some of the panels of the experimental layout you did above. Keep it up, it's all great.

Ok, let's get down to the Boy and Frosty's look here. Out of these trials, I like the boy and frosty in the middle best.

For boy, again we need to keep that youth in his appearance, as I think it strengthens the impact of his more rational look at everything in the strip than all the crazy people he meets. That said, please remind me to incorporate a child's perspective to his commentary too. I don't want him to just be a child with an adult's voice.

The giant forehead doesn't work for me, though. It nerds him up, and we need him to be more generally appealing. I like the curly hair from earlier sketches more than the straight, thin stuff he has here. This is a good image, but not what I'm seeing for boy.

The Frosty sketch on the left has some great stuff. Take those baggy eyes and stick them on the bald, bearded images from earlier, and I think it'd look good. Both this image and the other Frosty image in this sketch should be used for other people later in the strip.

The asymmetrical Frosty is totally awesome, Bogart meets Picasso. Looking back at all the sketches now, I'm torn as to the best final look for Frosty. The bearded Frost looks best with the more expressive panels, like his confused counting on his fingers in the long, narrow panel. But that's not very frosty-like. Maybe the Bogart is the way to go. Regardless, we have to use this guy, as he is a great image to remind people that this isn't a normal world we're talking about here.