Monday, June 30, 2008

History Repeats Itself

Heres a sketch of the 2 cellmates getting aqquainted... I was wondering if this might be a good strip to break the panel formula with, maybe longer, more vertical panels, or stacking the panels instead of lining them up

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John said...

I'm thinking about that comment I made with the last sketch about consistency of panel layout in terms of positioning of everything in it. Let me retract and loosen that. I like how the bars kind of float around them in this one. They don't move that much, but they seem to almost rotate around them from angle to angle and I like that.

Also, I agree with you on changing the panel layout on this one. Never be constrained by a classic linear, four-panel layout. When that will work, like if we're doing a more common strip comic gag, fine, but do whatever you want with the panel layouts, go crazy, just keep the computer screen in mind when you do it. This one if fine as a square if you like, but anything else, too.

Panel 1: What if the bars on the side go all the way across the background behind them? Would that look nice and forbidding? Frosty's look in this panel isn't working for me. He should be really sedated looking almost always. Suppose that will be a challenge to keep interesting, but try it. He could be sitting facing straight ahead, with only his eyes shifting to look at the boy next to him.

Panel 2: I like the angle through the bars, again, the kind of rotating angle. Boy could be freaking out a little less. I know it's not as action-packed as ranting and flaying, but I see his comment here (the whole "people don't listen to each other") as him being really concerned if that's the way it it, not just outraged.

Panel 3: Like the angle and this is the best image of Frosty in this sketch. Good stuff.

Panel 4: Again, good choice of shot through the bars. You can really crinkle the boy's brow here. Frosty needs to be back to his default sedentary place here, very "ho hum, ok then" Eeyore.

That's about it.