Monday, June 30, 2008

The First Strip of the Rest of Your Life

History Repeats Itself

Heres a sketch of the 2 cellmates getting aqquainted... I was wondering if this might be a good strip to break the panel formula with, maybe longer, more vertical panels, or stacking the panels instead of lining them up

Behind the Times

Here we have the checkergame interchange.
I was testing out poses for Frosty, which is why he moves in each panel.  I agree with you that he should not move, this gives greater contrast to Lil man bouncing around, and greater weight to his furrowed scowl in the last panel.  


A potential page template.  I happen to be drawing, just working out panel structure and the interplay of charecters in the cell, and on completing that freeform process i found i liked the look of this layout.  Less effective for web than for print, but worth considering.  Im noting the open space panel(no border) at the bottom, and the possiblity to place text outside of the boxes, either above or next to.


A model of what the gaurds/police look like


An earlier sketch of the inmates, with a different take on jail cell size


Some other and different designs of the 2 inmates.
This is closer to the line quality Im hoping to acheive, and the older inmate on the right seems the most....asymmetrical, as you say, of the bunch

The Oldest and The Newest

On the bottom is the most recent design for the young rapskallion, on the top is the you will see make more frequent appearences.  Neither are permanent, though despite its somewhat generic flavor i believe the one on the bottom to be the more successeful one