Monday, June 30, 2008


A potential page template.  I happen to be drawing, just working out panel structure and the interplay of charecters in the cell, and on completing that freeform process i found i liked the look of this layout.  Less effective for web than for print, but worth considering.  Im noting the open space panel(no border) at the bottom, and the possiblity to place text outside of the boxes, either above or next to.

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John said...

I'm gonna start by saying I love this one. So much great imagery in here, you're a talented motherfucker. Now I'll stop inflating your ego and make my critique:

Overlapping panels, open panels, do it all. You're here to show off and stretch your cartooning legs, so do it. I have no allegiance to any strict panel layout. My only point (I'll keep pushing) is to keep in mind computer display. The computer screen is a panel itself (or more accurately, the page) and be conscious of how any non-standard strip will get broken up by scrolling. That said, don't be too constrained by it. We can print this stuff out at some point, and let it stand on its own that way.

Frosty got a beard. Very Van Winkle. I'm down. Frosty really comes alive here.

The long, narrow panel with chess is fantastic, so claustrophobic. Great great great.

I like the shapes and negative spaces you create with the black bars. Chop those panels up!

I like the pose and fish-eye lens of that last panel, too.

This sketch in general is so much fun, maybe we should wing-it Marvel -style and I can just write a script to match it.

Ok, I pretty much just gushed with excitement on this one rather than give any real criticism. I promise to be more complain-y in the next one.