Sunday, October 19, 2008

relect on abuse

I took this outta the sketchbook and slapped some color on it. Id done a drawing of gaurds beating up on the kid...followed by him asking the camera whycome that had to be the way....and then later that night i wound up drawin the later on moments. Pausing for reflection with the poof eye

Cosmic Anteater

sketch made ysterday onna train. I think hes kinda cool. So, he can be you-or, if not, maybe write him in a future script, or, ill keep him, but, he can be PBD fodder. howboutthat

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


lil protag ob sketchos

The biggest notes i noticed were to make ears larger, and set eyes further apart. also...slightly scaggle teeth. Ill do my absolute best to make sure all versions feel similar-he wont suddenly evolve into a different child. If you notice glaring differences in the strips as they come, please point them out

lil protagonist observation sketches