Monday, June 30, 2008

Behind the Times

Here we have the checkergame interchange.
I was testing out poses for Frosty, which is why he moves in each panel.  I agree with you that he should not move, this gives greater contrast to Lil man bouncing around, and greater weight to his furrowed scowl in the last panel.  

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John said...

I'll be a little more general with this one. First and foremost, I think what really needs work is the script. This is Frosty's origin story, really, and we need to firmly establish him in this. That's why the static angle and only the boy moving is so well-suited to it, I think. So yes, the general layout is good.

If you want to play with alternate panel styles, you could form a descending line rather than horizontal ones, one panel stacked on the other.

Honestly, beyond that, I got nothing. This is a fun meditation you've got here. I like all the boy's poses. If I had to pick a Frosty pose, I'd go with panel four becuase it's a hunched, low-energy, thinking pose, and also allows him to move no more than his eyes to look at the boy in the final panel.